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February Workout Goals


I was happy with my February Workout Goals – because even though I spent a good week of it sick (thanks to all 3 kids….and we had Mid-Winter school break in February), I kept at it.


My stats for February:
Steps: 450,537
Miles: 204.99
While sick, I made sure I made my minimum of 10,000 steps a day. It wasn’t always easy, but honestly I felt better keeping mildly active. To say the least, at the end of February I noticed a few things. One, making the minimun isn’t hard anymore. In December, making 10,000 steps left me tired and sore. Now, even 20,000 steps in a day is just normal. If I don’t walk, I feel it and by halfway through the day I have the need to go walk. I also walk considerably faster, which for me is huge. I am and have never been a fast walker. As you will see farther down there is a reason….


But once back to normal my days were more this:




And even this:


I worked on Baby Steps to 5K this month, completing 3 weeks. This is why my pace has picked up. You don’t actually start running for weeks using it, but it does require 3 walks a week, with increasing distance – and pace. And by the end of week 3, I found I can actually start running and not instantly fall on my face. I can actually see how someone might become a runner….yeah, no, not anytime soon I am sure, but I can feel it. It’s there, somewhere in me.


My In-Law’s sent me an early birthday gift and I used it to fund a new pair of shoes, Fila Women’s Forward Running Shoe:


And a number of workouts on our Precor Crossramp:


I didn’t get as many of those workouts in as the machine decided to have issues in the 3rd week and I couldn’t ride it till they came out on last Friday to do work on it. I missed being on it.

But I am happy with my workouts – I passed January’s numbers, in 2 days less. Here is to March! And many more days on the trail….

IMG_20160229_145415 (1)

2 thoughts on “February Workout Goals

  1. I wish more people could see this, who think getting in shape and exercising has to be hard. All you’ve gotta do is walk! A 20 minute walk each day would do wonders for an otherwise sedentary person. You don’t have to get out there and kill yourself trying to run 10 miles or something.

  2. Donald,

    Very much so! I was afraid of hurting myself, so that is a huge reason I have worked up slowly. And the key is I am still going, nearly 90 days later, without a break 🙂

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