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Hiking Damon Point

Damon Point was once a Washington State Park, but now has been left to the waves and winds – and the birds – as a day use area managed by them. While it isn’t hard to find the location, it isn’t necessarily obvious either. And it is in the middle of nowhere as well, at the bottom of Ocean Shores. Look for the old boarded up hotel, with an RV park next to it, and look for the parking on both sides of the street.


Pass the two outhouses, and go a few yards down an old road, that suddenly ends above the beach, there are stairs that go down, made of old road 😉 You can go as far as you want, or as little. To the right is a jetty of stones that go under with the tide. To the left the beach winds out. It is very easy walking, with firm packed sand. This is the spit that connects the mainland to Protection Island, where Damon Point sits.


Two fashion models at the start, blocking the wind. Oh yes, it is VERY windy. Hats, gloves and a windbreaker might be good ideas, as with sunglasses, the sand is constantly howling.


Sadly, Mr. or Mrs. Dungness Crab was left up high on the beach – but hadn’t been picked over yet.


Cairns on driftwood.


Grasses and plants, surviving in areas you don’t expect life.


After you cross the sandy spit, if you head uphill (OK, 10 feet elevation gain….), you will see where the island starts, and it widens. And in the middle of this…is a paved road. Hop on it!


The road is slowly being reclaimed by the wind, water, and sand.


It makes for pleasant walking though. Kirk and the boys ahead of me. In some areas the road was still 2 lanes and a bike path wide. One thing is how much less wind there was.


I am thinking Barberry, of which there were many bushes of.


At the end, the road has an old loop, with parking, and trails out to the water. The beach at this end is more like a cove, or bay, and has heavy rocks and green slime. Not so great for walking on (and it stinks as well as a FYI in the PNW). We opted for looking, and decided to take the road back.


Coastal Strawberry plants abounded.


As we were walking out, I noticed two sections of the road that old wooden bollards, that once had chain or rope run through them. This clued me into looking for old trails – of which there were. On the one closest to heading back, the boys and I took the trail, which crossed the meadow area and trees, and dumped out onto the beach on the other side. I’d guess these were there when the road was active, allowing easy access to the sandy wide beaches. However…..and a big however, when you come out on the beach side, just to my left were signs stating no entrance beyond. There is a lake of some sorts on the island, in the meadow/trees, and they don’t want you in that section (which makes sense, as the birds need to be left alone). So thankfully, we were OK where we came out. Hopefully they add signs to the road side at some point!


The boys love nothing more on a beach than checking out shelters. When I was a kid…my brother and I built these all the time!


While walking back Walker found a rope. This became a joke that it is radioactive from Japan…lets hope not 😉 However, I did state it must stay outside…..


Alistaire found some great Scallop shells. And we discussed all the things you can do with them: tool, water collection, fish scale removal, food bowl…..

It’s a great hike – go on an overcast day (most of the year!) and enjoy how quiet it is. Even when the parking lot is packed, you won’t see many people past the first 1/2 mile. You might see clammers and fishermen, but beyond that…plenty of quiet solitude.

And most of all…zero cars, in an area where most beaches driving is legal.


And if you happen to stay over in Ocean Shores, well….you might catch a gorgeous sunset!


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