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Dinner On The Pacific Ocean

All 3 kids were on Spring Break last week, so we took a quick trip out to the coast, to Ocean Shores, Washington. However….being spring break and clamming season, it was very busy. Thursday was an odd day, as it was blazing hot on the coast (it hit 82*). Most places out there don’t have A/C because…you don’t need it often!


We got to the ocean early, and spent the day out on the Jetty beach, outside of town. It is a sandy area with lots of driftwood.


It is a short beach, but wide. The beach was actually quite packed with people, but in the corner near the Jetty, it was empty. The boys were happy to dig and play…..


After checking into our hotel, we took them out to the beach in front. Now then…this area allows cars on the beach. I happened to get this photo when none were driving by. It always leaves me feeling unsettled, because I can’t relax. The kids wanted to dig, but I just didn’t feel safe. (The Jetty beach didn’t allow cars, as it was a very short beach, and no road onto it.)

Ever had a place you have wanted to visit for years….then things happen, and you can’t? Ocean Crest was one of those. It’s restaurant burned down, and it took 3 years to rebuild. On a whim I called to see if they had an opening, which they did. It’s about a 30 minute drive up to it from Ocean Shores, mostly as it is a winding road along the Pacific Ocean. And it’s “old” Pacific Ocean, not the utterly pretentious, and fake, Seabrook town that has been built up nearby.


And having a table on the windows? Overlooking the Pacific Ocean as the sun sets? Simply perfect.


Chicken Marsala, with these amazing scalloped potatoes (unlike any way I have ever had them, and now must replicate!)


Kirk’s dinner, Curried Scallops.


And that view…..even with the kids along it was a romantic dinner. It was relaxed, with gracious service. It was a moment in my life I hope to remember. And it was a highlight on a trip that had great walking and hiking, but also kind of stunk due to Ocean Shores not being the nicest area to sleep in. Lesson learned. Next time we stay at Ocean Crest 😉

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