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Food Finds From VegFest Seattle

VegFest Seattle was the previous weekend, and I had the time to visit for a few hours. Lots of new products and classics were out for sampling.IMG_20160410_142042

Let’s talk bread. Not something you think about when hiking? I used to be that way as well. For many years I carried flour tortillas. Well, frankly…I hate tortillas cold 😉 But also…it is about my boys, especially Alistaire. With his severe food allergies, there is SO little he can eat. To take him with me, on hikes and trips, I have to think it out. I cannot just run into a store and grab food without deep thought. It has to be trusted. When I saw the table for Silver Hills Bakery, I almost went past, until I saw the peanut & nut free logo on the packaging. This is HUGE. Not only that, sprouted grains are considerably easier to digest, especially if you have wheat allergies like Alistaire. But not only is it made in a safe facility, it is EGG FREE. They also produce gluten free bread…that is…EGG FREE! Try to hunt this one down. The slices are perfect sized for tucking into a lightweight hard container and enjoying!


Manitoba Harvest has something tasty….that oh yes, will be in my backpack from now on. My friend Regina I found out had never had hemp hearts (the shelled hempseed), and she fell in love with them as soon as she tried them. Hemp seeds are buttery and smooth, and in these energy bars, even better. The Hemp Heart Bars have 10 grams protein per bar. Safe to have around my kids allergies. And a very short ingredient list, the vanilla flavor, for example: Hemp Hearts, organic coconut palm sugar, organic brown rice syrup, organic vanilla flavor, sea salt, pectin, organic sunflower oil, rosemary extract.


BarkTHINS with pretzels. Indulgent. Awesome.


Pro Bar had some products I hadn’t tried yet, and some which I sent my samples to Kirk once I got home 😉 He loooooves bars for after his workouts. The BASE bar he is looking forward to. The bar hidden under in the photo is a ProBar bite.

The Bolt chews are great tasting, and soft.


The orange was mellow!


Now on a weird note were the Love Beets beet bars. Unfortunately the company didn’t see the reason to sample them. Don’t get me wrong, I love beets and happily noshed on their beets…but I was really, really hoping to get to try the bars!


Just Fruit Bars. US (Pacific Northwest) grown fruit. Nothing else. Delicious.


Vegan Egg is a product that is hard to source, and at some point I am hoping I can get it to try for Alistaire (as it is allergy friendly). Be a fun product for backpacking trips.

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