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6 Instant Meals

Looking for new ideas, or inspiration for trail cooking? Outdoor meals that are satisfying and tasty. From FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) friendly, ready to go and just add in water, wait a few minutes and get to eating.

Perfect for hiking, kayaking, prepping, or even having around a college dorm! Just add in snacks and dessert, and you have a weekend trip planned….


Apple Sunflower Granola. Just add in a few tablespoons dry milk and a cup of cold water per serving, seal and shake, enjoy!


Peachy Quick Oats


Herbed Tomato Salad – quick and no cook pasta for lunch!


Buffalo Chicken Wraps.


Beef Stroganoff. Hearty dinner that yes, you can also make vegetarian friendly.


Sweet N’ Salty Chicken Trasherole. When you crave comfort food…..

6 thoughts on “6 Instant Meals

  1. When I touch the Beef Stroganoff, the recipe for the Buffalo chicken wraps come up, been trying to find a good recipe for stroganoff and I think this is it. Sheila

  2. That looks a lot better and more nutritious than some instant cup noodles I’ve always had with my brother when we go camping, lol. Thanks for the recipes!

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