April Workout Stats

April was a hard month. We had a horrid heat wave early on in the month (record-setting, above 90* here when it should have been in the 60’s). I know that is no excuse, but it makes it so hard to have any desire to work out. I just want to sit in the cold and dark, and not move.


This was relevant to me, as May started, and April ended. I asked myself: Do you want to start over, again, and lose everything you have gained since the end of December? So as the weather cooled the last week, I put in a few good hikes, along with my daily walking. It really helped push up my step count and my miles.

My stats were:

355,998 Steps   176.10 Miles


I won’t deny it: I love the local rail to trail that we live in. Even the ramps on are wonderful to walk!


And going for a hike, it really helps the mind clear, and quiet. And making my step count early in the day, well, those days are much bigger than when I am walking at 8 pm! It also gets me going, because a big day encourages more big days.


As April ended, Day 131 of walking 10,000 steps minimum passed. That is what keeps me going: I have one goal above all, and at this point I don’t want to break it. It’s amazing how looking at my phone and seeing a low step count will encourage me to get moving. So even if I don’t do “any workout”, I have walked 5 miles on average a day! And on the last note…you know you have been walking for many, many days when it doesn’t feel like a “workout” anymore. It is just life. I hope I can get there at some point with my other workouts as well.

Until next month – just get out and do whatever you can – don’t beat yourself up if it isn’t looking to be enough. You are still beating everyone who is sitting on the couch!

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