May Workout Stats

May was a decent month for walking. My step count and miles were similar to most months:

366,192 Steps   172.46 Miles


Although I only crossed 20,000 steps once in May. I need to push myself harder. It is easy to say “I made the minimum” and call it a night (which is 10,000 steps). The end of May brought Day 162 of my goal of walking 10,000 steps a day.


But I won’t deny that as summer approaches, my longer trips are not happening. I don’t like the bigger trips across town when it is hot, the heat just wipes me out. We had a week stretch of normal, grey cool days, and those ones I got out on the trail. Sometimes the sun would peek out, which was OK. But I also know…it’ll be September before I go back to my huge loops. I just prefer it under 70*!


I then blew my Keen’s out. Keen warrantied them, and am waiting for the new ones to show up – gotta get back in them! The trails up high in the mountains are melting out!


Until next month….stop every once in a while and take a look around you. You might not know what you are missing!

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