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Urban Tourism In Seattle

Kirk had to be at DockerCon this week, so with the boys out of school, we joined him. It isn’t like Seattle is far away (it really is only less than 30 miles away). I just don’t much care for cities and avoid them, unless I need to go. Still, the boys are getting old enough when it is fun to take them to the “big city” to have fun. And with a centrally located hotel, we walked everywhere. Urban walking counts for something I suppose…..

Up early, and out the door, and their first ride on the Monorail:


Anytime I think of the Seattle Monorail, all I can think of is The Simpson’s. Seriously. You know you start singing “Monorail! Monorail!”

Off at Seattle Center, and the Space Needle.


The Seattle Center has installed recently an outdoor playground for both young, and older kids, called Artists In Play. I saw even teens on it (and wow, do you go down that slide FAST when you are fully grown!) A really fun find, if you are stuck in the city. And it is free.


I took the boys to Seattle Children’s Museum, which is affordably priced at around $9 a person, compared to many Seattle attractions. It is shocking how much many of the places charge (the Aquarium is nearly $27 an adult ticket!) It is a fun place for a few hours, on a rainy or sunny day, when you need a break. It is very hands on.


So much to do!


It even has a woods area, with marmots and logs, and a camping area below a glacier.


My highlight was seeing these cups in a section (it was a capture of what a home in Japan might look like). I was “wait?” Mt. Rainier Espresso? Turns out it is a real thing in Japan, which is funny since Mt. Fuji is a sister volcano to Rainier!

Another ride back, and you have happy kids, in the middle of a city.

(Side note: The Seattle Center area is totally walkable from most areas of the city, but our youngest has developed asthma, so I save his energy for where it counts – and the pollution of the city is really bad for the lungs. This weekend calls for green time in the mountains!! Where his asthma goes away……)

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