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Book Review: Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook


Outdoor Medical Emergency Handbook is about the most indepth book for the outdoors I have read. This isn’t a happy read by any means, but it is a good one. With our youngest son’s severe allergies, I don’t take it lightly (I carry 4 Epi-Pens when we hike). I was reassured, for example reading about Allergy and Anaphylaxis on pages 48-49, that I am prepared, but also found there are more things I can study up on, in the case he is ever exposed when we are out.

The updated edition of the book is broken into sections: Emergencies, Environmental Risks, Accidents and Trauma, Medical Disorders and Treatments, Emergency Medical Procedures, and Appendices. Within each section, you will find well laid pages, covering key tops, such as like the one for High Altitude below:


While the book is definitely aimed at those going on long expeditions (think climbing mountains in foreign countries), this book is an excellent resource for anyone. If you go out in the wilds, it never hurts to learn more. Our copy is going into our emergency kit, as a reference for if we need help.

FTC Disclaimer: We received a review copy.

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  1. Oh lordy yes! This book is not a happy one. It’s like reading the “what can go wrong” section in pregnancy books 😉


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