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Spring In The Mountains

July 4th might seem like the middle of summer to most, but in the mountains in the PNW, on a normal year, it is barely the start of spring. And there is nothing quite like stepping out of your van and it is 42° out. I’ll take that. Also helps when one drives up into the clouds…..


Which brings a point: That for every 1,000 feet you go up in elevation, it should go down by 3.5°. Meaning, at 5400 feet it is roughly 5,000 feet higher than where I live, so 17° cooler. And that is exactly why I love living close to the mountains. Only on rare days is it warmer up high (inversions).


The boys being cheesy at one of Tipsoo Lakes. This year is normal for snow, unlike last year, when we had a drought/6 month heat wave.

For example…this was JUNE 28th 2015:


No snow, spring long gone and frantically running into summer, with flowers everywhere.

And July 4th 2016:


Snow, you were missed last year!


Yesterday, the first Western Anemones were popping up, covered in rain & dew drops.


Rosey Spirea just opening as well.


I love hiking in the clouds. It quiets everything, and even in the front country, you feel like you are deep in the wilds.


Thinking Mountain Goldenrod? Just starting to open.


And I love the feeling of a subalpine lake that feels like it could be a sea.

Another week or two, summer will arrive, the insects will wake, but for now, it was a wonderful chilly day.

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