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Sunday Wildflower Wandering

I’ve come to loathe the heat of summer. Maybe it’s me getting older, or global warming, but I just don’t enjoy being outside in the heat of the day. So I find that I wait for cool days, where I can enjoy summer but not spending it soaked in sweat. Yesterday was just that….62° at most, blue skies and with a light breeze. On the other hand…I didn’t get to the trailhead till ugh…Noon. The kids have made me into “that hiker”. No 7 am starts with them.


We got on the PCT at Chinook Pass. It’s one of my favorite sections of the Pacific Crest Trail, and has been since the first time many years ago, when I first hiked it. The top of Tahoma (Mount Rainier) in the middle, framed by Yakima Peak.


White Rhododendron, or Cascade Azalea, found on open slopes, and meadow edges above 3,500 feet. It’s a taller plant, look in the shadier side of the trail for it.


Avy Lily.


One tiny snow patch and 2 Junior Hikers ready to check it out.


White Mountain Heather, Cassiope mertensiana, or Western Moss Heather.


Pink Heather in bloom.


Sitka valerian, Valerian sitchensis.


The meadows below Naches Peak, coming into full bloom.


Hippie On A Stick, with Lupine behind it.


Mountain Ash, which also produces a bright, glossy red berry later in the season.


So much to see.


Lupine & the boys.


Magenta Paintbrush.


Can I just say these two are never this cute? Usually they are all boy, and fighting down the trail 😉


One subalpine lake to make the boys happy….


And subalpine meadows to run across on a trail.


But alas, eventually we had to head home. Prime flower season and a cool day made it so worth driving.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Wildflower Wandering

  1. Oh yay! We were up 410 yesterday, but not to the summit of Chinook. We’ll be over the pass next weekend for camping, so maybe we’ll catch a few miles of the PCT on our way home on Sunday. The wildflowers are awesome! And yes, I’ll likely be wearing some yoga pants!! 🙂

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