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Playing Tourist

Kirk’s cousin and child came to visit, so we showed off parts of Rainier to them. We got a cloudy/cold day, but the only loss is you don’t see the Mountain. There is still so much to see and enjoy.


It was plenty of cheerful enough in the visitor center/museum at Sunrise at Mount Rainier National Park. Did you know it’s 100 Years of National Park Service?


The boys on their favorite rock chair 😀 I seriously want to recreate this staircase at my home…..


We were able to give them a few peeks at views – at least could see a tiny bit of the Emmons Glacier and its moraine.


After Sunrise, we took them to Tipsoo Lakes near Chinook Pass. It’s accessible (they are from Florida!) and it wasn’t exactly warm (42* at Sunrise…..). They got to enjoy a stroll in the clouds, along subalpine lakes – and many, many wildflowers.


You see photos of this area often for me….how can one not love it?


Even on a busy day, it’s a beautiful place.


The youngest, in his happy mode.


Personally, I prefer it on a cold day.


Lupine and Sitka.


A gorgeous job done last week on this bridge by volunteers.


Lake with mist.


A few minutes later the cloud cover lowered, and covered the lake, into a white out. By this time, our guests were chilled and it was even raining. Into the warm van, and off to seek ice cream down low 😉

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