In Town Adventures


In the summer time, the King County Library system puts on story time in the Lake Wilderness Park for the month of July, once a week. Then in August, they hold it twice in the Lake Wilderness Arboretum, which is next door. We try to not miss it, as the boys love going. The weeks in the Arboretum are some of my favorites. Partially because this is where the boys went to nature preschool, but also I simply love our public (and free) gardens. The first week of it, I actually hosted it for the preschool (Never Free Farm, our homestead, provided the treats – 2 kinds of zucchini muffins & hand crafted lemonade.) Last week though, we got to attend as family time. After story time, Walker asked if we could go adventure.


The nature preschool has added a lot, and one was a little gnome home in the woods.


We wandered through the Arboretum, taking trails all over, visiting the lending library. We popped onto the rail to trail that goes through (Green to Cedar Rivers Trail), and crossed over into the lesser used trails on the other side. Heavy with Salal, Red Huckleberry and so much more.


A newer bridge even awaited us!


The boys.


One of the highlights of our day was blundering into a rock find via Maple Valley Rocks. That led to me joining the group – and now the boys are talking about painting their own 🙂 Much more fun than playing Pokemon to me 😉 A day need not be a long drive, or many hours, to be fun.

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