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Ravensdale Park History Walk

Awhile back I had noticed change in a local park, with signs going up and a meadow being taken care of. With an afternoon that was hot, we went out for an easy hike and a picnic lunch. Ravensdale is only a few short miles out of our town, Maple Valley. The park itself is sprawling, with many sections and is part of the newer ball fields. The main part of the walk though sits by itself, cut off from the rest.


The Ravensdale Community Meadow & History Walk.


The start of the loop is in the meadow, which has a wide U shape, and it is gravel surface.


I actually had all my boys with me for once…..we found a nice patch of blackberries to pick along here.


Start at #1 and work through all 15 talking about the history of the area.







There is a cemetery nearby that is listed in ghost towns. As with many historical gravesites in the areas far out from Seattle, many were damaged in the 60’s and 70’s by jerks. This one was heavily damaged. Last year was the 100th year since the miners died.


Ravensdale was the only town in King County that has dis-incorporated. Ironically now, due to the level of people leaving Seattle and moving out farther, into the foothills, the area has seen growth. It actually has a nice Post Office next to the meadow here.




At this point, you leave the meadow, cross a back road, and look for the next sign, where the rest of the loop continues.



My favorite part of the history of Ravensdale is the charmingly named “Gracie Hansen Building” that sits in the middle of the park. I can tell you nearly no one in the area has a clue who she was. And they should. Gracie was bigger than life. Every time I visit out here, I always laugh that uptight people play baseball…next to a building named for a queen of bawdy. The building is an odd one – if you like mid-century design, of concrete, this is one to see.



The boys in the woods. Yes, it was hot. You can tell because someone doesn’t have his Dino hat on. Blink and it’ll be fall, with it firmly on his noggin’……Enjoy getting to see his hair, uncovered. People in town don’t recognize him!


Red Huckleberries! Even in the heat, they were good for picking. Not long left for the season.


Although, one reading all these signs gets a real feeling life was very hard out here!


At #15 the trail wraps up, and comes out the shaded park and playground. A new playground was recently installed, and is very nice – it was hard to pry the boys away.


Our last find was a new painted rock, left as part of the #kindnessrocksproject and #maplevalleyrocks So far this summer they boys have found 3 rocks while out adventuring. This was a big rock!

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