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Hiking & Homesteading

Maybe I should have titled this “How urban homesteading kind of “ruined” hiking for me”….but then I know, it didn’t. It is simply an extension of my love of nature. Long ago, before I found that walking the cliffs on an island made me happy, I had a little garden I tended. Hiking took over my life for many, many years until we had our younger boys. Then I found the therapy of toiling in soil. I had missed it. At first it was gardening. Some herbs. A few flowers. Then it became my daily force.


And the boys love being out there with us. (Mid-summer garlic harvesting.)

I have hiked many miles more this summer than most, but I found it was not my driving force. It didn’t call to me, as in years past. I wouldn’t call it burn out, but that with each passing year, I am learning more homesteading skills, and there is just so much to do in summer, things you cannot put off.


So many times, my hiking is now local, so I can get out for a few hours, and still have time to work with the bees, or hoe rows. Rather than face a 2 hour drive home.

Driving has been a bone I am not done picking as well. I find it harder and harder to justify driving 100 to 200 miles round a trip to hike a few miles. I have nearly given up driving in the past 2 years (I drive under 15 miles a week, many weeks it might be under 5). This summer I was t-boned in a wreck, and have yet to replace my van, even though it was fully insured (no one was hurt, just the cars. Thankfully.) It’s nearly fall as well, and the walking is pleasant again.

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Who knows…do I really need a vehicle? I don’t know. Life is slower at 2.5 mph. It really makes you consider where you are going and what you take with yourself.

Most of all, the urban homesteading we are doing is forcing me to slow down, and live with the seasons. It’s been good for me, mentally and physically.


Sometimes, the local hikes even have a message for me. One has to listen though. This lives in our greenhouse now.

I’m still here. I’m developing what I want to do in the coming months and years. I know our homestead will be a big part. If you want to see what Kirk and I work on daily, you can read about it on Never Free Farm’s site. Even as Fall is settling in here, I am already planning next year’s plants and gardens. Coming soon? Fall festivals, holiday events, and planning plant sales next Spring. For now, Dani and I are working on a line of hand-crafted items made with preserved plants from the homestead. If you happen to be local-ish, I’d love to meet you in person!

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