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Fall is here in the PNW…and that brings my desire to be outside. I can breathe again, and I don’t feel sapped by the sun. Add in that the youngest’s asthma is easier on him when it rains…..


The salmon are heading home in the Cedar River – and yes, we saw a few having made the last jump before the hatchery.


The Cedar isn’t a big river (it’s really just a creek), but it is quiet and very pretty. (It’s a huge part of Seattle’s water source, hence much of it is taken above this).


Add in a few weeks of rain and sun with mild temperatures, and oh the moss comes back to life.


Decorated rocks around the river, near the dam.


Baby ferns in the moss.


When the moss is thriving, it reminds me of native slugs,


The youngest.


“Mama, take my photo! I make crazy faces!”


The boys being smarmy and full of smooches….


And 3 seconds later….bros forever!


And Monday woke to fog, but oh it burnt off fast. The sunny and cold mornings are the best part of Fall!


The oldest had today off from work, so him and the youngest and I went dayhiking, while middle one went to school.


A nice 5 miles, and then off to school for the youngest! Now….let October slow down and enjoy it.

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