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November Food Finds

A round-up of some of the latest food finds –


Bear Naked Custom Made Granola: They make savory granola. Yes! And so many other options. This is an awesome gift to give – the packaging is awesome, and the granola? Some of the best I have had. It’s fresh, and isn’t jaw tiring. It’s snack ready. So what was in mine? The honey granola base, coconut, chocolate and strawberries.


This product perplexed me, and made me sad. Why? We are bee keepers, and we love our bees – they are neither pets, nor livestock. Rather….they just co-exist with us. I can understand a honey-free need, if you have allergies, or if serving to infants…just remember that it takes bees to make this (apple trees need bees). Otherwise, support a local bee keeper and encourage pollination – and healthy bees.


Modern Table Meals? I got this for a stay at a cabin on the beach recently. Gluten-free as a bonus, and the pasta, which is based on red lentils, was surprisingly good. Great texture. Serving size? 2 adults. It’s fine without adding oil as called for (I had forgotten it!). For the ones calling for milk, you could substitute in dry milk (2 Tbsp or so + water for the fluid milk). A greta one pot option for a 2 to 3 Liter pot. The company lists major allergens as well, and all are vegetarian.


While wandering through, I noticed Wild Planet has organic canned chicken, in both regular and no salt added. It’s a pop-top, and has no added water. If you have had their tuna, you know this is high-end. In fact, it is the BEST canned or pouch chicken I have tested, over many years. It’s a piece of breast. Cooked in the can. No chunks. It tastes like chicken should. You are worth the cost!


Pacific Foods has a new line of organic meats, in Tetra-Paks. That means, pop up, rip open, and use. It isn’t cheap though. For ease in packing, it works well. The empty package folds flat. Great for car camping and cabin stays!


Now then, for me, there should always be room for Salsa Con Queso. Use it as a dip, or make a sauce out of it, and serve over rice, or tossed with hot pasta. Yes, it isn’t light. Car camping & cabin camping? You’ll love it.

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