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Steps & Miles For 2016

January 1st, 2016 was a cold and sunny day. That seems to often happen here in the PNW.

I went crazy that day and put in some miles:

January 1st would be my biggest day of the year. It was a good day out. It set the tone for the year, where my goal for most days was 10,000 steps daily, which is around 5 miles daily. For a streak of over 200 days I made it. 10,000 steps minimum daily. then I picked up a bad case of viral bronchitis in the summer that broke my record. Still, I was happy with my year total, though I could have been higher. Maybe this year!

Step Count:




We didn’t get out on a lot of huge hikes this year, our homestead got in the way (it’s hard to leave when you are growing wheat!), but we did do a lot locally. We live on a rail to trail, walking out to it is one of the biggest positives of where we live.

My van was wrecked in a T-bone accident in the end of August. I looked at replacement vehicles, and came away dissatisfied with everything. What I was realizing is I only needed a car here and there, not every day and often not every week even. I was walking most places. I pulled my bike out and after 8 years of storage, blew off the dust, and learned to ride it. I am trying my hardest to live with a considerably smaller footprint, and buying a replacement car just felt dirty. Who knows if I will change my tune come late spring, and Rainier starts her siren call. For now, since the wreck I have walked about 550 miles.

I’ve also started biking again. It had been a long time since that happened.

Might as well use the bike I paid for 8 years ago. My rear end might eventually get used to it as well. Add in a Buff, and I can almost not have my face freeze off as I bike through town.

Walk out, onto the trail and off we go. Lake Wilderness rarely disappoints, and the trail goes through town.

Alistaire, me, Walker, & Kirk saying goodbye on our last hike of the year 🙂 See you next year….as I dream of new goals!

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