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First Hike Of 2017

If I can, I try for a family hike every New Year’s Day. It snowed overnight, but was clear and dry by 10 am, so we bundled up. Living on a rail to trail meant no driving on sketchy roads, just out the door and onto the trail.

The trail was actually very busy, not that it looks that way, but so many people out enjoying the clear air. Kirk and Alistaire headed back halfway. His asthma meds are helping a lot, but I also don’t like stressing him too much. Kirk said he would take him back, and they did about 3 miles. Walker and I headed on, and did about 6 miles round-trip. Not a big trip, but for a 6-year-old, that is still a big hike. He is turning into a great hiking partner this year.

There were so many birds out yesterday, and I am sure the berries on the bushes help a lot.

I treated Walker, and we headed off the trail in town, and went to Starbucks for a snack, then walked back and jumped on the trail for our return trip. Something to be said about that 😉

It was a good start to the year!

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