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New Recipe: Salsa and Chicken Rice

This recipe came out of a couple of items I had picked up from Backpacker’s Pantry and were hanging out in the hiking pantry. Salsa with optional jalapeno flakes and natural cooked freeze dried chicken. I found the salsa to be actually spicy enough on its own, it doesn’t need the jalapeno unless you crave extra spicy. The chicken however….I was not as happy with. Taste wise it was ok. But you get barely a ½ cup, and half of it was a fine chicken powder. There was no big pieces at all.

Salsa was worth it, the chicken? No, that I would buy a different brand. However, put together it did make a nice meal. It works in a meal like this, but don’t get it if you want to make say chicken wraps or chicken salad.

Salsa and Chicken Rice, ready to take along.

Ready to eat, it’s also a great burrito filling.

For the recipe, head over to TrailCooking! We have both One Pot and FBC directions included, as well as how to make your own salsa and other substitutions.

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