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8 Mac and Cheese Recipes For The Trail

8 recipes for a trail cooking standard: Mac and Cheese. It’s comfort food full of carbs for backpacking. And bonus recipes for making your own cheese sauce powders. The recipes run from trashy, to fancy, and even vegan options.

Lazy Hiker Mac & Cheese

Chicken Green Bean Mac & Cheese

One Pot Mac n’ Cheese

Crab Mac n’ Cheese

Vegan Mac & Cheeze

Swiss Broccoli Mac n’ Cheese

DIY FBC Mac n’ Cheese

Cheesy Couscous

Cheese Sauce Powder Mixes:

Cheezy Hemp Heart Sauce

Cheddar Cheese Sauce Mix

Parmesan Cheese Sauce Powder Mix

Vegan ‘Cheese’ Sauce Mix and Mac n ‘Cheese’

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