EDC: Everday Carry Kit For Women

In 2015 I wrote a post on what I carried in my EDC, Everyday Carry Kit. It’s changed a bit over the years, as my boys get older.

The List:

  • Backpack, an urban women’s model
  • Wallet (Always have cash)
  • Epi-Pen set for youngest child’s severe allergies, wrapped in gallon freezer bag
  • Inhaler for youngest child, wrapped in gallon freezer bag
  • Hard sunglass case with prescription sunglasses (If you can’t see well without glasses, a second set is an essential)
  • 3 sandwich bags, with 3 uses of toilet paper
  • Bag with tampons and other female products, 2 days worth, plus bags for trash
  • Power bank for phone, with cord (1 full charge)
  • Leatherman Micra multi purpose tool
  • Knife
  • LED flashlight
  • Green Baggu bag (I use this daily when shopping, it is ultra light but very strong. If needed it would make a great carry bag, up to 50 pounds.)
  • First aid kit, in hard case, wrapped in bag. Contains ointments, bandaids, blister band aids and more.
  • Natural chapstick (can also be used on exposed skin on face and hands, in cold)
  • Small bottle natural lotion
  • Hand sanitizer (great for starting fires)
  • Lighter
  • Toothbrushes (The tiny single use ones, they can be reused if needed)
  • Repair kit for dental crowns
  • Tums
  • Pain killers
  • Headband and hair-tie (really important if you have long hair)
  • Gloves, even a thin $1 pair help with wind chill
  • Carabiner on pack, for attaching items
  • 1-2 snack items (1 being a meat energy bar), if my kids are with me, it is more.

What is missing:

  • My prescription medication (I should have 2-3 days)
  • 1 pair of low-cut Injini toe socks (since I am often in sandals, even in late fall/early spring, this would make walking a lot more comfortable.)
  • Hat. In winter I carry a small packing hiking beanie hat.

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  2. Hi Sarah, love the take on a womans EDC Kit that caters not only for yourself, but for your children also. I reckon a lot of people forget about their family members and their needs which can be a huge mistake when the time comes. I’ve got some great tips in an article I wrote recently about Bug Out Bags which seem to extend of from your EDC, hopefully you find some value in it as I did yours.