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Olympic National Park: Ruby Beach

Ruby Beach in Olympic National Park is a short hike that means so much to me. We try to go there yearly, if we can. Like all beaches, it changes yearly. This year the driftwood piles were very high. It was also high tide, meaning less sand to walk on.

The hike down to Ruby Beach is wide and easy for most to navigate. It isn’t wheelchair accessible however, and the trail ends in the driftwood.

The boys happily walking to the beach.

9 years ago I picked Ruby Beach for my Mother’s ashes. It was hard to pick where to leave her, and I sat on it for a few years. With her ashes in my backpack, I wandered the beaches. I saw this rock sticking up, and I knew that is where she was meant to be. I have often hiked with this rock in my pack – my Mom with me.

Ruby Beach has the most amazing stones – for skipping on the creek water, or building cairns with. Smooth and flat.

A lot of driftwood to climb over this year, but at least most logs were not huge, so relatively easy.


An odd site, in late February, is frozen water at sea level. It had been clear the night before. It snowed later on, almost to sea level, on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

One of the soothing parts of the coast is that while the beaches, the rocks, and the driftwood change yearly, the sea stacks rarely change over the years.

Cairns and sea stacks.

I’ve often loved sitting here and watching the waves circle the stack. The creek is on the right, the waves push up it, and to the left. On really high tides, it pushes even through the stack.

We also drove down to Kalaloch, and I took the boys down to the beach. The tide was at its highest – and for the beach, was very high. We walked from headland entrance to entrance, till I decided it wasn’t safe enough (we hit a section with a lot of drift wood, meaning we’d have to run the waves below the wood, not walk above, in the rocks).

As we went to leave the beach, I looked back and saw this tree, an old snag, barely hanging on. Tell me it doesn’t look like it is holding on, trying to climb up!

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