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A Weekend at Lake Quinault Lodge

It had been 4 years since we had been to Lake Quinault Lodge, which is on Lake Quinault, in the Olympic National Forest. It’s a grand old lodge, in the middle of a temperate rain forest. Yes, it rains. A lot. Nearly every time we have been there it has rained at some point. But I’d be first to argue that is part of the charm. And winter often brings deals on lodging out there.

The lodge now has wi-fi that reaches the lakeside rooms (it’s slow, but still) and those rooms have tv’s now as well. An oddity in the historical lodges out on the Olympic Peninsula.

Lake Quinault Lodge is well known for it’s huge public area, that has many couches and chairs, and an ample fireplace that burns. It’s hard to not take a nap in one of the chairs, while looking out at the rain falling.

Saturday we woke up to clear skies, and below freezing temperatures. The color of the sky was nice to wake up to, our room was on the third floor of the Lakeside hotel section, and the photo was take from the deck. There were ducks on the water, squirrels in the trees.

The various carved mushroom wooden stumps have been there as long as I have stayed here. Some are starting to decompose a bit, but they still add a lot of charm.

The Lakeside Quinault Trail runs along the lake, leaving from the lodge, and can be connected with various local trails across the woods, to make longer loops. In winter you may encounter mud and or blowdowns, however, on a dry day it is a nice walk.

The last time the boys were here, and walked with us on this trail, they were 3 and 1 years old. This time, Walker read me every trail sign we passed. It has been awesome to watch him blossom with reading!

One bonus about going in winter? You can stroll through the Falls Creek campground, where the Lake trail starts, and visit Falls Creek Falls, without bothering campers. The falls run high in winter as well. (Note, to get the best view, cross the bridge over the creek and walk towards the road in the campground).

In the end, we woke up to an oddity….snow on the ground, on Sunday morning. Our drive home was a slushy, snow covered Highway 101 for much of the way back to Aberdeen. The trees covered in snow are a wonderful treat in the end of winter.