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Vintage Trailcooking Videos You Must See!


In 2008 Kirk and I produced a season of Trail and Cooking, with 5 videos on trail cooking shot at various outdoor locations. Each video had a recipe and directions to go with it. I recently added them to my Youtube channel. They are not of the highest resolution, so I apologize upfront about that, the files are old enough that software has changed, leaving us unable to access the HD originals. They were fun videos to make though. Maybe someday we will do more. Life got busy after we made these!

Episode 2 – shot at Kalaloch Beach, in Olympic National Park. Salmon Alfredo.

Episode 3 – shot at Kanasket-Palmer State Park, Washington. Chicken Stew and Dumplings.

Episode 4 -shot at Queets Rain Forest, Olympic National park. Swiss Broccoli Mac & Cheese.

Episode 5 – shot at Mount Baker, Heather Meadows. Chicken Alfredo Couscous.

Episode 6 – shot at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park. Asian Inspired Chicken & Veggies.

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