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Top Five Easy Freezer Bag Cooking Recipes

A long time ago there was a lady who loved hiking and backpacking. But she was overwhelmed at the time by hiking so often, she couldn’t afford (and didn’t even like) commercial freeze-dried meals. She had heard of a method where you made your own meals and prepped them in freezer bags (which came to be known as Freezer Bag Cooking due to her preaching). There were a handful of recipes pre-2004 online and in backpacking cookbooks. She kind of went crazy, and kept making recipes. It was 2004 and the term FBC got coined on the Backpacker forums. Then came her FBC Cozy…which she invented, and would sew and sell 1000’s of them.

Said first cozy on its first trip in Fall of 2006. Two cookbooks dedicated to it. Hundreds of FBC friendly recipes. Sometimes she knows that there are people who use the method now and know nothing of the story behind it. She’s OK with that though….it’s pretty awesome to know you can change how people do something, in just a few years! (Especially when written in 3rd person!)

5 easy FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking) meals? You bet! We picked these because they are tasty and over the years lots of positive feedback on them.