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Gear Review: 10 in 1 Paracord EDC Keychain

I carry an EDC (Every Day Carry) kit in my backpack purse, so adding in a SurvivalHax 10 In 1 Paracord EDC Keychain was a fun addition. And if it means my keys will be harder to lose? Even better. It fits in my hand, so it isn’t large/bulky.

And yes, the whistle works very loudly. A certain 5-year-old confirmed that.


1 x Waterproof EDC container
1 x Paracord
1 x Fishing line
2 x Hooks
2 x Weights
2 x Floaters
2 x Sinkers
2 x Swivels
1 x Knife
1 x Tinder cotton
1 x Fire starter
1 x Safety Pins
1 x Finger saw
1 x Whistle
1 x Carabiner


Total length: 9.2 inches
Bottle length: 3.3 inches
Bottle width: .9 inches
EDC bottle material: Aluminum Alloy
Paracord length: 3 inches
Untied Paracord length: 4 feet
Weight: 0.14 pounds

Survival Hax has shared a code with my readers shopping on Amazon for 50% off! Use code “EDCKEY50” on the checkout page (where it asks for promotional codes)

FTC Disclaimer: We received a review copy. And had a lot of fun playing with it, before the meanest Mom took it away.

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