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In Search of Painted Rocks

Does your town, city or general area have a “painted rocks” Facebook page? It is a fun activity for anyone to enjoy! It’s part crafty time, part scavenger time and unlike Pokemon Go, you don’t have your head in a mobile phone…..

The first thing is look up on Facebook if you have a local or regional painted rocks group to join. If one doesn’t pop up right away, search Instagram or Twitter with hashtags, look for #(yourtown)rocks. Ours is the Maple Valley-Hobart-Ravensdale. Take a look at where people are hiding rocks, they leave photos with clues. If they haven’t been marked found, go see if any are out there! The worst is you get a free hike 😉 The best is you find them.

Our bonus was the first Trilliums of the season in the woods!

Fun hiding and finding!

My boys have sharp eyes for color in the woods.

These two had so much fun on an impromptu hike after school, in the early evening.

I believe in catch and release….however, this bird is so amazing I might have to be greedy and keep it for my garden! I will be releasing the rocks in new areas today.

Sometimes the clues can be very, very hard. But we found this one. It took a long time, and a lot of wandering!

I made the boys release a rock they had found up on Whidbey Island. I hope someone finds it and checks it in! That is part of the fun – finding rocks when you hike in other areas.

It was hard to head home when this is your afternoon……

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  1. I belong to an rver’s painted rocks group, we paint and leave rocks all over the USA, and some in other countries.

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