Gear Review: Renogy E.Lumen Solar Powered Flashlight

We run Renogy solar panels on our homestead to power quite a bit (if you even express a tiny bit of interest, we will be sure to bore you to tears on that subject…..), so we are happy to try out Renogy products when they come out. One of their newest is the E.Lumen solar powered flashlight. (You can find it on Amazon here) It’s an interesting piece. It’s not just a flashlight, but rather a multipurpose tool, that now resides in the truck, where it can stay fully charged for when it is needed.

It has a 3 watt solar panel on the handle, so if you leave it out, in can recharge after every use, and hold up to seven hours of power before charging. And….along the solar panel area is a second set of lights, that allow a wide light range:

The handle light also can turn to red for night-time use:

The base has a USB port so you can charge phones and similar off of it (think as a tiny solar panel).

The flashlight also comes attached seat belt cutter, glass shattering hammer, and a compass on the end piece that covers the USB port. You can also charge the flashlight off the USB port, and the flashlight comes with a USB cord.

But the best, and nerdiest part of the flashlight? It is magnetic! Meaning you can stick it onto your vehicle, bike, etc for an easy hands on use! For $25 it is a useful tool to have in a vehicle.

FTC Disclaimer: We received product for potential review. All thoughts are ours.

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