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Late Afternoon Hikes

As Spring gains strength, I love the longer days.┬áThe boys don’t get home from school till well past 4 pm, so it is nice to be able to load up the truck and have a short drive across town and get in a short hike before dinner. Often, there isn’t any real goal besides being outside and not playing video games!

And as kids are sure to do…they will crab on the way to the hike, but once outside have tons of fun. Especially if there is old rotten tree stumps to get into to.

Our local lake, Lake Wilderness.

The headwaters of Jenkins Creek, which flows out of Lake Wilderness, and goes quite a distance, leaving the town for other places.

I love finding random chimeras, where there is a white-flowered branch coming off the same plant! Happened to look and saw this along the creek.

Chocolate Lily, a plant not found often in the wild anymore.

Walker reading the plaques, in the various garden of our local arboretum. He’s in 1st grade now, and really loves to read!

A pink/purple trillium? That always makes my day happy on spring hikes. As the sun started to set behind the foothills, the boys spent time climbing trees and running around, while I enjoyed the quiet of the park on a weekday evening. Something I should encourage much more often!