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Top 10 Things Every Backpacker Needs From Minimus!

Over the years, I have linked many a link to Minimus. Single serving, one time use packets. What more does a backpacker need? If you live in the Continental United States, $20 gets you free shipping…and you can get a lot for $20. Being that it is Spring, it’s time to clean out the backpacks, toss out last years packets and restock. Bonus? If you travel a lot, you will find Minimus is a feast for things you never knew you needed. Here are a few of my favorite things to stock up on –

Olive Oil Packets. Organic even. One packet a meal will boost your calories AND your fat consumption. The packets have carried well for me, and I have yet to tear one.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Packets. Use the same as the above olive oil. Also great for using as a moisturizer on your skin and if you get wind burn in the winter.

Cream Cheese. This is the best, and goes in SO many meals. Melt it into pasta toss, and you will get a creamy red sauce. Add to beef stroganoff. Spread on tortillas. It’s shelf stable, so you don’t have to worry!

Salsa Packets. You can never have too much salsa IMO. Maybe that is me, but whatever. I also feel the same way about Parmesan Cheese packets……

Mini Toothbrushes. Yes, they say single use, but you can use them over and over, as long as you pack in some toothpaste.

Toothpaste Minis. Hiking is no excuse to ignore your oral health. These are pricey in stores, and usually you can only find 1 or 2 brands. So stock up.

Over The Counter Medications. It’s hard to find a lot of these outside of some sketchy c-store. You will also pay a LOT less to restock your First Aid Kit.

Post Contact Wipes. If you live in an area with potential to walk through poison ivy or oak, 1 or 2 of these take up only a tiny space in your First Aid Kit.

Anti-Fungal Cream Packets. If you have had ANY issues with athlete’s foot in the past, this is preventive medicine to have with you, for long mile trips. Particularly in hot or wet weather, when it can flare up (with your feet basically soaking in sweat all day in boots, it’s prime time for a flare-up).

A Reflective Wrap. I’ve never used one for actual survival, however I found they work great lining the floor of your tent. They last a few trips (I leave it in when I pack up the tent). Your tent floor isn’t cold, and you stay a lot warmer in cold temps.


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