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Seahurst Park Beach Walk

With my oldest son I didn’t have the chance to go on field trips, so I have made it a point to go along on my our two youngest sons’ trips if I can. This morning we headed out for the first grade trip to Seahurst Park, in Burien, Washington. It is on the Puget Sound, so is a rocky beach, with “mud flat” style sand, at low tide.

I got in my first steps of the day by walking to his school. The wild daisies are blooming like crazy in the heat. I “adopted” a few plants last year from this piece of land. It is slated to be developed soon, and all the pretty wild flowers will be gone. I am considering rescuing a few more before they are flattened.

The Puget Sound, at low tide, looking across at the Olympic Mountains (hard to see, but they were gorgeous in person). We got to watch the ferries ply across the water to Vashon Island.

I might think this was the highlight of the trip – a Moon Snail. They are huge! And we saw a number of Moon Snail egg deposits as well.

A banquet? Maybe. If one is a bird.

Wild Roses along the forest trail. They had that sun drenched aroma that no other rose does.

Add in many creeks, running off from the hills and ravines above the beach…

Outside of being in a big yellow bus for the ride, it was a great field trip – and I got in a short beach walk and forest hike to a park I had not visited before.