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Cost Plus World Market Food Finds Roundup

I had some free time to shop at Cost Plus World Market this past weekend, and found some great food finds.

Duke’s Shorty Sausages. Single serving packs. Perfect for slicing thin and adding into a meal. Or just snacking on…..

Dried mushrooms are expensive. Unless you buy a tub at Costco that you will never use up. This is a big jar of them, but not ginormous…..a lot easier to use up!

Chef Soraya Eat A Bowl‘s are interesting. Like the cup of soups back in the day, these are prepared the same way. They take a cup of boiling water and a 10 minute wait. Plant based as well, and they come in a number of flavors. You can always repackage them into bags and prep in a pot, freezer bag or mug.

One frustration with food allergies is spices and herbs. Until we encountered Alistaire’s allergies, we always used bulk bins. Buying in jars is painfully expensive, so if I have an odd spice I need I usually pick them up here. The freeze-dried shallots are a great buy as well.

Alistaire was very excited over the Gaucho Ranch Dulce de Leche Dip sets. They are made in a peanut and nut free facility! Love when I can find him fun items to add to his backpack.

This is proof that anytime people whine about how Americans love to cram weird flavors into potato chips, the British have us beaten. At least they didn’t have the “Fish n’ Chips” flavor for sale here…ewwwww.

And one not from there…but yeah, I couldn’t pass up grabbing a photo of it. Let’s go celebrate┬áthe “Flavor Of California!” (and be glad I skipped shooting the BBQ Payday bar next to it….). It apparently is part of a line of new flavors.

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