Walking A Labyrinth

This morning I was running an errand to Alistaire’s school. It occurred to me as we walked from the school to the church across the street, where we had parked, that I had never walked the labyrinth at St. George’s church¬†in Maple Valley, Wa.

Our little town is growing. In so many ways, it is a jumbled mess. Next Fall, when the kids return to school there will 6 elementary schools, instead of 4. Neither of my boys will attend the schools they went to the past 2 years. The school sits across from the church, and my oldest son went to this school as well. And yet…somehow I had never walked the labyrinth. It was built in 2005, and sits along the rail to trail, Green to Cedar Rivers Trail, that we live along. Alistaire asked if we could go walk it. So we did.

The labyrinth sits below the street, the sounds are muffled, though one can see runners going by on the trail. In the past 12 years the area has filled in, and the trees are so green this year.

After completing the path, we walked around, checking the upper overlook and as well, a lower area, with a park bench nestled into the trees.

In the center is 3 benches and a water feature. Alstaire left a daisy to float.

On our way out, we found a little nest, that had blown down in the wind.

A peaceful short walk, hidden in town. It is on private property, so be mindful, quiet and respectful if you go.

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