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Recent Food Finds

Recent food finds – perfect for those summer hikes! These have all been happy finds for the tummies here, and 2 of the 3 are on the gourmet side 😉

Plush Puffs were a fun one. We love to make s’mores whenever we can, and I see these as “adult” marshmallows. I hid them from the kids I might add…..oh and look at the ingredient list: no corn syrup or corn starch!

Finding new allergy friendly treats is always a major event – and Freeyumm was a winner for us. Top 8 allergen safe. Eight types to grab and go. Allergy Kid is very, very happy!

Think Jerky is grass-fed beef and free range turkey, and comes in 5 varieties. It’s a soft jerky, very pleasing to the teeth, and tastes great. The Thanksgiving turkey is a fun one!

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