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Late Afternoon Forest Hiking

I made a promise to myself this year, that once summer came, we would not waste it by being inside on nice afternoons. I am not a huge sun fan, but on the days when it is low 70’s, I love casual hiking in the shade of the trees in the low forest land. Yesterday, I shut the computer off, and we head to Nolte State Park, down the road from us. $30 later, and a new yearly pass, we were on the easy 1.4 mile loop hike.

It’s a favorite hike of mine, we don’t get there often enough though.

Snags, even baby owls up high in some areas.

This tree fell a few winters ago, and the boys love playing on it.

The heat has drained the back section of the lake, and is its own mini lake now. It was the only section where bugs loitered.

The low land forest was full of Red Huckleberry bushes, and there were so many ripe ones!

My dirt stained farm hands holding a harvest that the boys scarfed down.

Earlier in the week also went rock hunting. Alistaire with one of his finds. We had a short hike in the woods locally.


Wildflowers in the woods.

And a few native blackberries makes the hike complete….