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Food Finds For The Outdoors

The latest food finds, to get you out on the trail with a well-tended tummy……

Epic Uncured Bacon Bits.

They are soft, chewy and with a pleasant fatty taste. Great to eat plain, or add into meals. They are more like pancetta than what you might think of as “bacon bits”. Shelf stable till opened.

Yum Earth Organic Sour Twists.

Soft, allergy friendly candy for all ages – one that our youngest loves!

The middle kid loves hummus. The Townhouse Flatbread we found in the cracker aisle, in 3 packs. Shelf stable. Each box pops open, to make a tiny lunch area. Add in a bag of baby carrots and some cheese…..

For a new option with freeze-dried food, for prepping and backpacking, Valley Food Storage. A lot of fun options, including Freeze-Dried Greek Yogurt and Freeze-Dried Coconut Milk Bites. They carry a number of products, including dry soup mixes as well.

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