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Recent Gear Finds For The Outdoors

We have had some fun gear finds come through in the past few months, and with summer actually upon us, I have had time to get out and review.

The WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV mobile phone booster:

We were sent the RV model to review, which has posed a few issues. It will eventually be installed permanently in our 4 wheeling vehicle, but we had to use it in our other truck in a non-permanent basis. Had I realized I was being sent the RV model, I’d have asked them to not. They make truck models, which not as strong, are much easier to install.

However, it does work – and once set up, is easy to use. We tried it in places where before we had no service at all, and could make phone calls and text easily.

We use T-Mobile for service, so that we could use our phones outside of town, in the rural mountains, says a lot. If you lived in a bus or van, this would be prefect to add to it. It’s not cheap, but it does work well.

TheĀ 4 in 1 Tactical LED Pen:

I love Survival Hax tools – they are fun to have on hand, and yes, they work! This features:

A glass breaker
An LED light
And a fire flint to create sparks, should you need fire.
And a pen!

It’s an affordable gift, and perfect to slip in a purse or car, to have on hand. You can also find it on Amazon.

The wearable umbrella. OK, Kirk bought this as on a lark – but the thing is…an umbrella is one of the most awesome things to use while hiking. You stay shaded. However, hiking is hard when you have to hold one…..

Yes. You will be a dork. People will snicker. But you will be shaded…lol! Wether or not you can handle the laughter, that’s on you.

And for my fave – the “Cheap Gear Find”:

It’s a Buff ripoff, for $1 at Dollar Tree, in the summer section. Looks no different from the more pricier ripoffs I have seen, and used over the years. $1 is a pretty darn good deal.

FTC Disclaimer: Some products reviewed were sent to us for consideration.

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