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Essential Gear: The Multi Tool

I’ve carried a mini multi tool for years, in both my everyday carry and in my hiking backpack. Over the years, I have used them so many times, from mundane snipping of threads, to many a hack. A few months back, my favorite Leatherman Micra disappeared. I have no idea where it went to, maybe lost in Kirk’s truck, and not lost on a trail (although if that happened, I am sure someone is happy!). Kirk gifted me a Leatherman Style PS Multitool this past week, which I jammed into my purse. It is less than 3″ long, and barely over 1½ ounces in weight.

We spent the weekend at Mother Earth News Fair in Oregon, and Kirk’s foot was hurting badly. Well, someone had been barefoot on our urban farm. He was running out to the box we use for our battery array (for our solar panels), and had stepped on a thistle plant. Those thistle spines floated in his foot and got pretty painful.

So I sat on the floor, in a hotel room, and performed minor surgery on his foot. With the tweezers on the tool. These tweezers should be a Top 10 item to have in ones emergency kit. With that and a tactical flashlight, I pulled out over 10 thorns. The last one was the worst, but those tweezers got in there and grabbed on.

It brought back a memory of about 14 years ago, when I was on a backpacking trip, and had a hornet get stuck between my hand and trekking pole handle – and stung me bad. I sat their with my tiny Micra, and scraped the stinger out with the fingernail file!

A mini tool is often overlooked…right up till you need it. And yes, said PS is now in my pocket for daily carry.

–  Sarah

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