4 Days of Waiting

When a local hiker in Washington went missing the previous week, it became an intensively watched drama online. She wasn’t in the middle of the wilderness. She was on a long day hike/trail run with her dog. And then she just disappeared.

And I think that scared so many people. And maybe it was a good thing. The Seattle area is gaining over 1,000 new people a week now, due to the aggressive tech industry. Many of these people are excited to be living in the PNW, and they go hiking. Trails are clogged this year, along the I-90 corridor. Many have no idea what they would do if they got lost or hurt. They don’t carry much more than water and a few energy bars.

And yet, just a few miles out of civilization, an injured hiker spent 4 days alone, hoping she would be found. Her story (and I am so glad she told it!) is a hard lesson to read. But I know when SAR announced she had been found, I wasn’t the only one crying out of happiness. Even though I had never met her.

Stay safe everyone!

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