A Clear Day In The Wildflowers

The weather shifted after the past few weeks, and finally it was normal temperatures. It was low 60’s, sunny, and no bugs in the subalpine of Tipsoo and Upper Tipsoo Lakes. I was more in the mood for wildflowers than hiking, and I chose somewhere I love to be.

Mount Rainier.

Yakima Peak.

Tipsoo Lake with Rainier.

Western Anemone.

My oldest. You don’t see him often, but he came with me for the ride, then went off and did a long hike by himself yesterday. He will be 20 in about a month from now.

The wildflowers at the main lake are on the end run.

However, the flowers at Upper Tipsoo Lake are in their prime.

And Upper Tipsoo Lake has the best views, it is higher, so Rainier floats above.

You also see nearly no one. There is a foot path around the lake, that goes up high. Let your feet follow it, through the flowers.

The boys and I ready to head back.

In the breeze –

2 thoughts on “A Clear Day In The Wildflowers

  1. So great to re-experience spring by heading into the high country! Have you been to Snowgrass Flatts? It blew my mind with wildflower amazement!

  2. AWESOME TRAVELLING PLACE. Your adding images in the article say some heavenly words to me. Thanks for sharing

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