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River Ramblings

Sunday morning I picked up a friend, and we headed out for an early and kid-free hike at Kanasket-Palmer State Park, a few miles away from home. Maybe it was a good day for an alpine hike, but we both had a busy day later on, and finding time to drive 3 hours round trip wasn’t happening. And there is something about late summer mornings, at dawn. Being able to leave town and be there in under 15 minutes is very satisfying.

We were the first there, with that magical quietness, as the sun came over the trees.

My friend Alicia had not been here – and she had requested a forest hike. Summer isn’t prime time (spring and fall are), but there was still lots to see, if you got down. The moss might not have been as lush, but it was still good.

Morning sunrise.

Ripe Blackberries (and Red Huckleberries as well) for breakfast.

Fly fisherman out crossing branches of the Green River, at dawn.

Sometimes the forest is a wonderful place to be.

Alica was so happy – as we were leaving, she looked down and saw this tiny painted rock, her first one to find. We rehid it later, at a painted rock bowl I run at our urban farm which is called the “The Rock Spot”.

More to come on this photo….since i was kid free (and our allergy son not with me), I got to indulge in a bag of peanuts and almonds. The Mango Fire trail mix is great! I was recently sent a number of Alpine Aire to try out – and I can say: this isn’t the Alpine Aire I remembered from hiking back in the early 2000’s. They have really changed it up. We’ll have a review of the products coming soon.