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Gear Review: BeFree Water Filtration System 0.6L

A long time ago, when I was first hiking, I picked up a water bottle that was a filter, out of the Campmor catalog (boy, am I dating myself….). It rode with me for years, over thousands of miles of trails. I loved it: you scooped water, or stuck it under an overspill on a creek, put the lid on and squeezed to get water. The only downside was it was relatively hard plastic. You got a heck of a work out using it. Eventually it wore out and I never replaced it, moving onto MicroPur tablets, Aquamira, and other water filters. But I won’t lie, all chemical treatments taste like city water, and make me think of chugging swimming pool water. And waiting for water on a hot day sucks.

When I had the Katadyn BeFree Water Filtration System in 0.6L show up for review, I was happy to try it out.

At 2.3 ounces, this is a lightweight water filter. And it’s flexible, so rolls up, and tucks into a backpack – even the smallest daypacks. No excuses to not bring it along.

I had Ford test it without instructions, and had him filter up water for lunch. Zero questions from him, and he had the water in a short time. The flow is very, very fast, and with it being flexible your hands don’t get tired. Clean up is easy at home. As a suggestion, dry the bag upside down, on a plastic or metal spatula handle.

Ford in action:

FTC Disclaimer: We received product for potential review. All thoughts are ours.