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Fall Hiking: Painted Rocks, Trees and The Sun

Today was an adulting day, one that I don’t like doing. Alistaire’s allergy doctor wanted to do a back panel for 8 tree nuts, to get a new base line, to compare to his blood panels. The doctor was hoping apparently that he’d have little to no reaction, and we’d move onto oral challenges. Well, no. It only takes 15 minutes for the back panel to do its thing, but that kid was miserable. Every time we sit through a panel, it takes everything in me to not get up and run out with him. The results? Yeah, no. He failed miserably. (In case you care, the big 3 patches are cashews, peanuts and pistachios).

After that, I decided he needed a “me” day, and we spent it outside, playing hooky from school.

Nothing like a morning walking to the park, having the playground to rule over (being the one big kid means the little kids fawn over you) and we found painted rocks everywhere. This one was a flower with messages of hope and love.

The weather was amazing and we hiked all over the park, along Lake Wilderness. Alistaire collected many pinecones and shedded crow feathers for his nature project.

The pinecones I realized were for him to toss to the ducks. I told him the ducks might not be his happy minions if he did that.

But they forgave him plenty fast enough it seems. Lots of tasty food to forage in the lake. The city has done a good job in dissuading people to stop feeding the ducks and geese, and the water is much cleaner.

Mount Rainier at the end of the lake. It was a gorgeous day to be outside. Balmy, breezy and sunny.

Rail to trail walking in the autumn sun.

We headed to the arboretum next to the park and went painted rock hunting. First one!

Second one!

And a third! He found 5 in total while we strolled. It made him very happy – to get to find them all by himself.

But why stop, when one can walk into town to see the alligator? 😉