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Thanksgiving On The Trail Made Easy

If you haven’t ever gotten the chance to hike over a Thanksgiving weekend, make it a goal. It’s still shoulder season in many areas, almost no one is out, and being on the trail is invigorating in the late Fall. And you get an excuse to climb into your sleeping bag early and read for a few hours. It’s a luxury you don’t get at home too often.

I decided a round-up of commercially prepared meals would be a fun option, so I hand-picked out some vittles from Alpine Aire: two meal choices & a dessert.

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy with Turkey.

This meal led me to a memory, from a very long time ago. Back in the day Alpine Aire had more rustic packaging. I had made an order from Campmor, one of my first online purchases, of various hiking gear, and I picked up a couple of “hiker meals” to take with me. One of which was this meal. It wasn’t my first freeze-dried meal, but it was pretty close to that. It was one of the better ones I had though, and it has held that title over these many years. It’s simple comfort food, satisfying to eat. The gravy/turkey is prepared┬áseparately from the potatoes. You could add in dried cranberries into the gravy as well. This meal is one I’d say serves 2 well, if you make dessert. Tip: Pack in some soft potato rolls for the extra gravy. You won’t regret that!

Pre-digital years. Lake Minatour, North Cascades, Washington State. Two tiny one man tents. Mine was the smaller orange one. It was the first time I backpacked to alpine and it totally changed my life. And yet, I remember the meals? ­čśë Always!

For those who don’t care for potatoes:

Wild Thyme Turkey. This is a different kind of meal. It’s wild rice, cracked bulgur, rolled barley and a lot more. It’s halfway between soup and a casserole. High in protein from turkey, almonds and sunflower seeds. It’s a modern meal for changing tastes.


Cinnamon Apple Crisp. It’s a great dessert – or even breakfast. It’s simple, and warming. Apples and raisins, topped with crunchy granola. It’s a classic choice.

FTC Disclaimer: We received items for potential review. All thoughts are ours.

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  1. I have tried different prepared meals and most are ok, but I don’t think having one for Thanksgiving would be my choice. But camping in late fall does sound like a great adventure.

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