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Monday Special: Freezer Bag Cooking Vol. 1

I’ve been remodeling our office during the Fall downtime, and came across a hidden inventory of our first cookbook, Freezer Bag Cooking: Trail Food Made Simple.

This is the book that started the website – the basics. Good, filling meals. Perfect for those learning how to cook on the trail without being overwhelmed.

Kirk and I brought it out over Thanksgiving Weekend in 2005, and in 2007 the second edition was brought out. It’s been sold around the world and before the recession was a featured book in many REI stores. If you have thought about what might make an awesome gift for a new backpacker or prepper in training, this is it:

Normally our books are not sold by us direct. We are offering these limited copies, autographed, at a special $10 + 3.50 for shipping (charged as $13.50). Limited inventory. Want one? Click below! And if you’d like a special message inscribed, let us know in the checkout.

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