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Sunny Days Were Meant For Walking

The sun didn’t last for long today, but when I wake up to a blue skied morning in winter, I try to tell myself work can wait. And it can. My oldest son and I went for a 5 mile hike on the local rail to trail before the clouds came back in. On the way back, he parted ways to go to his day, and I had a couple of miles to myself. The trail was busy though. Everyone else had the same idea.

We live on the Green to Cedar Rivers Trail, and often go walking on it. It’s urban, in that it cuts across our town, but is rural in how it feels (it rarely touches roads) and winds through trees.

In the coming two years this trail is going to be paved and widened. I am on the fence on how I feel about that. It makes easy for maintenance and disability access, but a nightmare to walk on cold days. Thankfully they will be building a horse path next to it, which we can walk on.

We got rewarded with finding a few new painted rocks. Wether or not you like it, I love finding them. I host a rock swap on our urban farm and use my finds to help stock it. And honestly, it brightens my day to find them.

Gold sparkly!

The past two weeks have been blustery, windy, even snowy, so here and there when we have a sunny day, I appreciate getting out. This was from last week on a quick hike. Through the trees on the trail is a peek-a-boo view of Mount Rainier.

Sometimes the rewards are finding broken branches, after the storms. I ran into the boys’ preschool teacher (when they went to nature school) and she had found this – and sent it home with me for Walker. Today I spotted the tree it came off of.

Even on the days when the weather starts to turn, it is still pretty to be out. And I know I’ll be home soon as I hurry up the trail.