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Cline Spit

I have hiked Dungeness Spit a number of times in Sequim, Washington but I had not visited Cline Spit, a local Clallam County park. Unlike Dungeness, which is not far away, Cline Spit is free to use, where as Dungeness is a Federal land and has an entry fee. With the Federal Gov’t shut down, I didn’t feel like taking the risk of it being shut down, so we chose the closer option to explore. Young children just want a beach to run on, rocks to toss in the water, drift wood shelters to build. With the weather shifting I knew we wouldn’t have a lot of time as well.

The weather was shifting, and within a few minutes the Olympic Mountains were clouded over, in the far distance.

The birds eat well here, snacking on Salmon.

Dungeness Crab claw. I might have taught the boys how to wear them on their fingers and chase each other…..

The beach was a smorgasbord for hungry Seagulls….we watched a number of other birds as well, that would dive into the water and surface back up.

The dark line across the water, below the shrouded mountains, is Dungeness Spit, wrapping itself around Cline Spit. I hadn’t seen it from this angle before, low to the water.

Another salmon, an approaching storm, it was time to head out.