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Winter Food Finds

It’s late January, and new ideas are starting to show up for fresh choices for the snack bag in your pack. This round-up is all gluten-free, and a focus on allergy-friendly.

Made Good – an allergy friendly treat to have along. They make granola bars, crispy squares and granola minis. Alistaire, our allergy child, loved these in chocolate chip flavor. Top 8 allergen free, they also have a hidden serving of vegetables parked in them.

That’s It Fruit Bars. Apples and cinnamon Zesty bar. A simple, rustic fruit bar. It’s thick and easy to chew. Kids and adult will love it.

Alpine Aire’s Monkey Mix. It’s simple and rustic, but so satisfying.

Freeze-dried bananas, and more bananas, dipped in chocolate. Crunchy and satisfying, and not fried in oil. While the package reads “contains tree nuts”, it is coconut they contain (which while classified as one, doesn’t affect tree nut allergies, unless a person has a coconut allergy). If you don’t have nut allergies, these would be great to add a bag of cashews and some dried fruit to, for a great start to trail mix.

Planetarians chips, made from sunflower meal, after the sunflower oil is extracted.

Sweet BBQ and Apple Cinnamon are vegan friendly, and all flavors are gluten-free. They are high protein and a source of fiber: 300% more Protein, 200% more Fiber and 70% less Fat per serving than typical potato chips. Not a bad deal, if you can eat sunflower!

The chocolate contains some milk, but is other wise a great choice, if you don’t avoid dairy.

They are an interesting concept – crunchy with flavor. As a snack, they work well. However, they are a bit on the “hippy side” so if you are used to Doritos, it may take a learning curve (so yes, we enjoyed them).

FTC Disclaimer: Some items reviewed were sent for potential review. All thoughts are ours.

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