Trail Cooking

Craving Pizza While Backpacking?

Somehow, when backpacking, around day 2 to 3, conversation and mental day dreaming seems to end up centered on carby, cheesy foods. Especially pizza. There is something about the bread, cheese piled on, warm sauce and toppings….

Maybe with a cold beer? Well, for me it’s an ice-cold ice tea. I can help you with the pizza. Beer is on you to pack in, and find a cold stream to chill it in.

You can do it the hard(er) way and make the dough from scratch (a plastic bag goes far), however there are some much easier shortcuts to try out.

Tortilla Pan Pizzas. No mess, no fuss.

Last Minute Pizza. You can grab it all on the way to the trail!

Pizza Biscuits. A one pan biscuit full of gooey cheese!

Pizza Muffins. Steam “bake” up a batch of pizza muffins.

Enjoy! Then you can obsess over a big beefy hamburger instead. With ice-cold lemonade.